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PC audio update

Because I was not able to understand the sound of the amplifier without one year passing after building a PC audio system, I updated a pre-main amp.

It is 5VL and A-933 of onkyo to have used so far. I changed these 2 models for a feeling and used it, but because assent did not go to the separation of the sound of the medium- and high-levels area again and few was enough, I wanted to hear music by better sound quality and was looking for a pre-main amp whether I heard it every day, and it had fitted it. It is A-70 of the pioneer, 7VL of onkyo, 3 models of Aura vita INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER to have been nominated.The music to hear locks it, and resolution is high, and, as for the sound quality that a techno house demands in Maine, the unnecessary seasoning is necessary for high speed; know it, and is a feeling. Because the speaker is CM1 of B&W, considerably monitor-like Cutch re-とした sound quality is preference.

Because different with the sound that I liked construction, but I demand, Aura vita INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER is A-70 of the pioneer, 2 models of 7VL of onkyo for designing it afterward. These 2 models seemed to have unreasonableness to compare it because prices were quite different,After watching it in CM1 in a neighboring audio shop, clear heard some A-70 of the pioneer, but while I changed it several times, it was hard to recognize it probably because of the noise of the store and considerably examined 7VL for a price.

Because 7VL of A-70 and onkyo of the pioneer is a retail price, and there were around 50,000 differences, it is for the sound quality that the which turned this balance 50,000 yen to the DAC is better? I purchased と thought, 7VL. And the clincher first the design of the pre-main amp,7VL of onkyo was simpler than A-70 of the pioneer and has been overwhelming preference personally.

I was satisfied by sound quality as resolution went up it at a stretch, and the speed was early, and considerably cheerful, a low level thought above all very much as expected when I heard the sound that I purchased 7VL, and at first I connected it in analog, and was given to the home system at once. Then, it was for sound quality in one step more as I was said to be it in various places of the net, and this was astonishment again when I connected it with coaxial digital.

I use Icon uDAC2 between 7VL and Mac, and this product works as DD converter,In the case of a digital code, get through the DAC; this of digital and an analog sound big; think whether is more likely to be different. Besides, in the case of a digital code, you did not seem to need to switch on Icon uDAC2 and knew it for the first time (w which does not read a manual). It was said that it was not revealed that sound quality turned big by DAC very well or because I heard it almost and had not compared it, it was said and was studied so far. When I ask capacity knowing a lot about an audio system in various ways,Considerably high-quality DAC seems to be often loaded with 1 million yen and the machine parts to rub. I seem to be able to purchase DAC having higher grade in this in peace, but what fit in into the depth of the audio system seems to be dangerous again.

Because it has been revealed that sound quality improves at a stretch by DAC, the next thinks about step-up of the DAC, but it seems to be for a future problem how the DAC persuades me into a bride unlike an amplifier and a speaker because even an expensive thing is small and is hard to persuade you.
Anyway, because it approached, it was said, and one step was shopping for one’s sound quality to understand again! I think that the one intending to build a PC audio system should examine DAC closely properly! !

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