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“Jpegger” is the super simple application that converts the picture file of the PNG form into JPG form by simple operation of the drag & drop.

When I want to unify the file format of the image in “JPG” in the one that the blog has, I can convert it without what problem if I own “PhotoShop” and it is (I can automate the image number of sheets at most if I use the droplet function) and can convert “even a preview” equipped with by default into Mac.

But it is quite troublesome to convert by “a preview” if there is much number of sheets of the image.
“Jpegger” which what I seem to help in such a case introduces this time!

I perform drag & drop of “the PNG file” which I want to convert into the window which is displayed when I start “Jpegger” and I only put a check in “Overwrte of the overwrite option” and convert it into “JPG form”. The work efficiency up can anticipate this more clearly than “a preview”, too.

If I convert the picture file of “the PNG form” into JPG form in “Jpegger” and reduce image size more in “ImageOptim” and “JPEGmini”, a picture falls to some extent, but can considerably control file size.

It is recommended application in the person who I lower file size, and wants to raise indication speed of a Web site and the blog and “JPG form” in the one with feelings!

Shareware $0.99

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“Jpegger” is the super simple application that converts the picture file of the PNG form


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