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Simple PC audio to build the DAC and powered speakers

23 07. 2013

To be allowed to purchase anything even if intend to begin a PC audio system, or not to know think to place a recommended method when, anyway, is cheap, and want to build it.


PC audio construction completion by changing cable

18 07. 2013

I introduce a speaker, an amplifier, DDC, DAC and place an article of the left cable system last.
By the way, it is a pro and con on a net about the cable system and would like the skip because I do not know I confidence whether an edge is good! !


Introduction Essensio

10 07. 2013

I considered what kind of DAC you introduced in various ways since I introduced hiFace Professional, but what looked for that there was the DAC which was correct for the sound that oneself readily demanded considerably had a hard time.


hiFace Professional introduction

07 07. 2013

I think only of an audio system, and update becomes dull recently. Let’s put it into an action than we think! I introduced DDC which turned into Icon-uDAC2 before being, and purchasing DAC in a thing in the beginning to ask, hiFace Professional.


PC audio update

20 05. 2013

Because I was not able to understand the sound of the amplifier without one year passing after building a PC audio system, I updated a pre-main amp.


PC audio system construction

24 08. 2012

I used SoundSticks of harman/kardon, but built a PC audio system until recently without being able to gradually understand sound quality.


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