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DVD copy in Mac


Only a little places it about a method to copy DVD in Mac in detail. ※Please do not use it for the thing with DVD and the copyright which you borrowed in a rental store. Please use it as backup of DVD owning by oneself.

1.The basics of DVD copying

There are many types in the media called the DVD, but when I generally copy DVD, I often use DVD-R and DVD-R DL and squeeze it to these two kinds because the price of media may be low-priced.
At first one capacity hears DVD-R DL (8.5GB) very much, but because compression does not have to process it, naturally a picture is good and can copy it relatively in a short time, but a price of media in itself is quite high. On the contrary, the media is cheap, but, in the case of DVD-R (4.7GB), some natural picture falls to work to compress it.

Flow “Ripping → compression → note” in case of DVD-R
Flow “Ripping → note” in case of DVD-R DL

The difference between DVD-R and DVD-R DL is as follows
Media Capacity Price
DVD-R 4.7GB Cheap
DVD-R DL 8.5GB The price is high

2.Drive &HDD capacity

The speed when it does Ripping depends on application in itself, but it is a drive to depend most. As for the thing put on Mac such as laptops by default, reading speed is considerably slow, and the speed that the drive of an external big type reads DVD is high-speed at all.
You should use an external DVD drive early when you want to copy DVD. There seem to be many cases that reading is possible fast when “the reading speed” in the specifications of the maker to purchase chooses the thing as soon as possible on this occasion. (by the latest drive 16 double speed degree)

But because there is a thing submitting a speed limit of the DVD to depending on a maker, the neighborhood searches it in Google, and, please examine it. (the drive that can cancel a speed limit by renewing the farm of the DVD drive even if it takes a speed limit exists, but would like the self-responsibility to have possibilities to break down when I fail)

In addition, you should secure space from 15GB to around 20GB to do work such as a copy, the compression in a hard disk when I copy DVD.


When you copy DVD, at first you must do work called ripping. The necessary application “is “RipIt“, “MacTheRipper 3.0“, Fairmount” on this occasion.

Because development is finished as for MacTheRipper 3.0 that it is easy to use with free, it is Fairmount and shareware, but, in the case of the latest protection, the which I relied on in RipIt looks good. By the way, there is actually MacTheRipper4.0, but it becomes a public domain software (before and after $ 40) with acquisition being considerably troublesome.
In addition, I can confirm whether ripping succeeded in VLC media player.

Characteristic of ripping application
Application name Price Feature
RipIt $24.95 Possibility coping with the latest protection is high
MacTheRipper 3.0 Free Because development is finished, the possibility that I do not cope with the latest protection is high
Fairmount Free That possibility coping with the latest protection for application bundled with shareware called DVD Remaster raises it and uses it; installation is requisiteness VLC media player

4.In the case of a note to compression (※ DVD-R DL, 5 passes;)

I compress the data which did ripping to 4.7GB to be delivered to DVD-R. The application to use “is “DVD2oneX2“, “Roxio Popcorn 4“, “DVD Remaster“, SmallShrink” here.
In addition, the CPU which I compressed with the CPU which is higher-speed to considerably receive performance is early, and work is over at the time that compression takes.

Characteristic of the compression application
Application name Price Feature
Roxio Popcorn 4 6,510yen I convert it for Apple TV, iPhone, iPods as well as compression of the DVD and am rich in a function, and the note to DVD is common at impossibility, compression time
DVD2oneX2 39.99 Euro As for the possibility, the compression time, the note to DVD specialized in a compression function is high-speed
DVD Remaster $49.99 I convert it for Apple TV, iPhone, iPods as well as compression of the DVD and am rich in a function, and the note to DVD is common at possibility, compression time
SmallShrink Free I am specialized in a compression function, but, as for the instability, the compression time, notes to DVD are impossibility usually-like


It is finally the last finish note. As for the application to use, 3 writes in the data which compressed at DVD data which did で ripping and 4 in “Burn“, “Toast11 Titanium” and is completion.
Because と links, and “4” performs this operation in the case of DVD2oneX2 and DVD Remaster, it is unnecessary.


It is the place that I want to perform all by free application, but, as for ripping application and the note, as for the application, as for the present conditions, it seems to be difficult in Mac because most of the application free, to compress are shareware.

※Please do not use it for the thing with DVD and the copyright which you borrowed in a rental store. Please use it as backup of DVD owning by oneself.
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