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When I uninstall application, AppTrap is the application that I find out a file in conjunction with the application automatically, and supports uninstallation.

Speaking of application supporting uninstallation of the application, I think whether “TrashMe” and “AppCleaner” hit are constant sellers.
“AppTrap” to introduce this time is almost same as functionally, but it is with the application that is simpler than “TrashMe” and “AppCleaner” concerning Extensions system of the trash box.

When I uninstall basic application, types without an uninstaller are often found, and, in Mac, the corresponding file that setting of the application was recorded has been left in Mac unlike Windows only by having deleted the application by direct drag & drop to a trash box.Even if this corresponding file is left in Mac, there is not the problem in particular, but unnecessary files collect in hard disk or SSD when they install much application and repeat deletion.

It “is AppTrap” I find out this corresponding file automatically, and to delete with application!

How to use AppTrap

Because an icon of “AppTrap” is displayed by “system environment setting” when I install “AppTrap”, I click the icon and click “StaretAppTrap”. When I validate auto-login, I will classify a check into “Start automatically on login”.

If I click “Move files” when I perform drag & drop of the application that I want to delete afterward to a trash box if I do not have any problem because application and the list of corresponding files are displayed,Application and deletion of the corresponding file are completion.

It was recommended application in the which wanted to make Mac clean as possible and the one that wanted to easily uninstall application!

I open the downloading page

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An evaluation is useful for other one. Please evaluate it willingly!!

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