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Bubble Harp

27 06. 2013

It is such an eccentric sound art application that Bubble Harp does a heart with music and a picture not such an application wealthily that something becomes convenient, and seems to heal it.



16 06. 2013

ByteController is a controller of iTunes that, anyway, is compact of the type to be resident in menubar.



05 06. 2013

iRip is the application that can transfer data from iPod and iPhone which an origin of development same as famous “Ripit” sells in Ripping application to Mac.



27 05. 2013

The cooperation with the joint ownership service that is major, besides, simply even if movement is light, and Lyn takes how to use is possible “image viewer” application.



14 05. 2013

“Jpegger” is the super simple application that converts the picture file of the PNG form into JPG form by simple operation of the drag & drop.



24 04. 2013

When I make Mac a sleep mode, Jettison is application picking up an external drive automatically.


How to use MakeMKV

16 04. 2013

MakeMKV is the very excellent application that is possible to Ripping of the Blu-ray as well as Ripping of the DVD.



09 04. 2013

CloudPull is the application that it is local, and backs up the data of service using in Goolge account by simple operation


Audirvana Plus

27 03. 2013

Audirvana Plus is application of the shareware versions which it functions, and improved of “Audirvana” which I introduced before.



26 03. 2013

It is the launcher system application which Dropzone starts application from menubar and the side of the desktop, and can set an action.


PNG Compressor

20 03. 2013

PNG Compressor is an app that will make it possible to drag-and-drop ease compression in the PNG file.



04 03. 2013

TabMeister is the launcher application that can perform start of the application from a tab in the Desktop not Dock of Mac.


Fresh Feed Pro

26 02. 2013

Fresh Feed Pro is resident in menubar and is compact RSS leader application conveying RSS feeding in sound alerts。



20 02. 2013

FontPreview is the application that can easily perform the comparison of the font hard to please in FontBook carried in Mac.



18 02. 2013

FreeSpace is resident in menubar and is application enabling capacity confirmation and the unmount of storages such as a hard disk or the USB memory connected to in Mac.



13 02. 2013

WindowMizer is application making it possible to make a window of the application of Mac only title bar by simple operation of the double click.


Movie Thumbnails Free

05 02. 2013

It is the application that Movie Thumbnails Free makes a Animation file the thumbnail of the animation by simple operation of the drag & drop, and outputs the information such as meta data in an image format.


App…Store Quickview

04 02. 2013

App…Store Quickview is the application that movement can check contents in quite rather heavy AppStore and iTunes Store quickly.


THX tune-up

30 01. 2013

It is the application that THX tune-up connects with picture adjustment and the AV amp of TV and the projector through iPhone and iPad, and supports sound quality adjustment.


Email Archiver

24 01. 2013

Email Archiver is the very convenient application that can make all contents of an email saved in “” PDF.


PNG mini

18 01. 2013

PNG mini is convenient application compressing the file of the PNG form by drag & drop according to the name.

Garbage Truck

15 01. 2013

It is the application that is convenient casually when there is it emptying a file abandoned to a trash box of Mac automatically.


PDF Squeezer

10 01. 2013

PDF Squeezer is convenient application reducing file size of the PDF by simple operation of the drag & drop.



26 12. 2012

Sleepytime stops reproduction by iTunes after uniformity time and is application pro-timer which Mac in itself can terminate.



25 12. 2012

Fluid is convenient application holding a Web site to be a browser basically, and to use like independent application.



18 12. 2012

It is the application that CloudPlay compiles musical pieces such as iTunes, YouTube, Soundcloud, exfm, bandsoup, jamendo,, and can become a playlist.


1Password for iOS

18 12. 2012

1Password for iOS is Mac, Windows, an Android version and application corresponding to most devices in a constant seller of constant sellers in password management system.


Folders Factory

22 11. 2012

It is the convenient application that Folders Factory is usual and easily produces the icon of the folder that it is slightly troublesome to change and can set.



19 11. 2012

I search the overlap file which is apt to increase before I notice that “Gemini” uses Mac for a long time and am the convenient application that I can delete if unnecessary.



16 11. 2012

DragonDrop is unprecedented unique application improving drag & drop operation dramatically.



15 11. 2012

Bartender gathers up an icon of application displayed by menubar in the second menubar and is the application that can customize menubar in what I do for non-indication.


Useful usage of MacWinZipper or WinArchiver

06 11. 2012

Because it is hard to use even Windows by the application that can make a compressed file to reject to open without a problem if the same, WinArchiver & MacWinZipper places slightly convenient how to use.



05 11. 2012

It is application throwing free space of the memory which collects by all means when MemoryFreer uses Mac open.


WiFi Scanner

30 10. 2012

It is the application that WiFi Scanner can display various information that I cannot scan in WiFi of the Mac standard and does.



10 10. 2012

“Visits” is the application that can confirm “data of Google Analytics” which I cannot confirm if I do not usually use browsers without starting a browser.



09 10. 2012

It is the application that PDF to JPG only performs drag & drop, and converts “JPG” into “PDF”.


My Little Pomodoro

03 10. 2012

This is a unique task management app that will support time management called “Pomodoro Technique” My Little Pomodoro is.



01 10. 2012

iCleanMemory is resident in menubar, and leave memory open; though is simple, is the application that is convenient casually when install it.

Discovr Music – discover new music

26 09. 2012

It is the application that displays associated many artists in the form such as the constellation when “Discovr Music – discover new music” inputs an artist name.


How to use MarsEdit

23 09. 2012

It is application letting I can update blog such as WordPress without using a browser and do MarsEdit.


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