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Simple PC audio to build the DAC and powered speakers

23 07. 2013

To be allowed to purchase anything even if intend to begin a PC audio system, or not to know think to place a recommended method when, anyway, is cheap, and want to build it.


PC audio construction completion by changing cable

18 07. 2013

I introduce a speaker, an amplifier, DDC, DAC and place an article of the left cable system last.
By the way, it is a pro and con on a net about the cable system and would like the skip because I do not know I confidence whether an edge is good! !


Introduction Essensio

10 07. 2013

I considered what kind of DAC you introduced in various ways since I introduced hiFace Professional, but what looked for that there was the DAC which was correct for the sound that oneself readily demanded considerably had a hard time.


hiFace Professional introduction

07 07. 2013

I think only of an audio system, and update becomes dull recently. Let’s put it into an action than we think! I introduced DDC which turned into Icon-uDAC2 before being, and purchasing DAC in a thing in the beginning to ask, hiFace Professional.


PC audio update

20 05. 2013

Because I was not able to understand the sound of the amplifier without one year passing after building a PC audio system, I updated a pre-main amp.



30 04. 2013

Pngyu is “ImageAlpha” and TinyPNG which are famous for PNG file compression engine, but is collective compression application using used pngquant.


How to use MakeMKV

16 04. 2013

MakeMKV is the very excellent application that is possible to Ripping of the Blu-ray as well as Ripping of the DVD.


I tried to install aTVFlash jailbroken with (jailbreak) the AppleTV!

11 04. 2013

I think that the jailbreak (jailbreak) of the AppleTV is carried out, and I will publish awfully since it was convenient if aTVFlash installation is carried out.


How to use MacTheRipper

04 04. 2013

MacTheRipper introduced the application before, but thinks to place it about detailed how to use this time.


PNG files in bulk compression and ImageOptim ImageAlpha!

22 03. 2013

The last article introduced “PNG Compressor“, but after examining that compressibility of PNG seemed to be high most any, and watching it because compressibility was lower than other application, “was ImageAlpha” in my environment.


App so let me be up shop in the work efficiency of the Web

07 03. 2013

I say an introduction of the application this time or think to place the application that seems to improve work efficiency of a Web person.


How to use ClamXav

04 01. 2013

I introduced “ClamXav” before, but want to place it about how to use simple this time.


1Password for iOS

18 12. 2012

1Password for iOS is Mac, Windows, an Android version and application corresponding to most devices in a constant seller of constant sellers in password management system.


Useful usage of MacWinZipper or WinArchiver

06 11. 2012

Because it is hard to use even Windows by the application that can make a compressed file to reject to open without a problem if the same, WinArchiver & MacWinZipper places slightly convenient how to use.


How to use PS3 Media Server

01 11. 2012

I placed it before about “PS3 Media Server”, but place it to how to use this time.


Difference between App Store and official site

11 10. 2012

I downloaded application from wherever since App Store came up because an acquisition course of the application diversified and examined whether the one that I purchased was advantageous.


How to use DVD2oneX2

10 10. 2012

I introduced former DVD2oneX2, but place it about how to use DVD2oneX2 this time.


How to utilize the iPhone5 on iTunes 10.6.3 with Leopard 10.5

24 09. 2012

iPhone5 was released, and there was not yet the room, too, but I was necessary, and, as for the OS of the Mac side, iTunes after 10.7 were as above 10.6.8 to synchronize in iPhone5.


How to use MarsEdit

23 09. 2012

It is application letting I can update blog such as WordPress without using a browser and do MarsEdit.


How to use PPS shadow sound

09 09. 2012

It is the application that, anyway, is convenient that can watch many picture contents such as a movie, serial drama, the animated cartoon which the PPS shadow sound rents it, and were just started free in iPhone and iPad.


PC audio system construction

24 08. 2012

I used SoundSticks of harman/kardon, but built a PC audio system until recently without being able to gradually understand sound quality.


Outlawing of ripping

19 06. 2012

Ripping is that is that a big change was approved by a majority in House of Representatives plenary session on June 15 by a law to hold and places DVD.


Strongest Cinavia Blu-ray copy protection!?

10 05. 2012

The protection that I want to be careful about when I copy Blu-ray has CPRM, CPPM, many types including AACS, but introduces about stronger Cinavia.


How to use Mac DVDRipper Pro

09 05. 2012

I introduced former Mac DVDRipper Pro3, but place it about how to use Mac DVDRipper Pro3 this time.

iPhone strap

27 04. 2012

I was always looking for a strap of iPhone, but had an acquaintance produce it because there was not the thing of a very good type.


I speed up Mac in SSD! ?

02 03. 2012

It is SSD which became very cheap, but, in big SSD of the capacity, a price is high still more in comparison with a hard disk recently although it became cheap.


How to use DVDFab

30 01. 2012

The application that I can perform DVDFab by total from high-performance ripping only by the shareware to compression. I can copy the Blu-ray, too, but I narrow it down to copying of the DVD this time and place it.


How to use Ripit

16 01. 2012

I introduced former Ripit, but place it about how to use Ripit this time.


Kind of the DVD media

14 01. 2012

I want to think about a kind of the DVD media which it is hard to understand slightly which I want to learn when I do ripping and copy DVD and the recommended DVD media.


A method to solve the issue of battery of iPhone4S! ?

09 12. 2011

iPhone4S is iOS5 from a beginning, but decrease of the battery seems to be early when I update iPhone4 in iOS5.


How to use Fairmount

13 11. 2011

It is different from other ripping application in some how to use, but places it about how to use Fairmount when there are two DVD drives because it is very convenient. At first I will finish installation earlier because VLC media player is necessary for Fairmount.


DVD copy in Mac

06 11. 2011

Only a little places it about a method to copy DVD in Mac in detail. ※Please do not use it for the thing with DVD and the copyright which you borrowed in a rental store. Please use it as backup of DVD owning by oneself.

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