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16 06. 2013

ByteController is a controller of iTunes that, anyway, is compact of the type to be resident in menubar.


Mighty Monitor

28 05. 2013

Mighty Monitor is we jet displaying a residual quantity of the battery of the device made in Apple connected to in Bluetooth.



13 03. 2013

“DropLink” is the convenient application that any place can set a synchronization folder of basic “DropBox” of the online storage service.


Dock Designer

12 11. 2012

It is the convenient application that Dock Designer can customize Dock where there is almost none of the customization willingly and does.


Carbon Copy Cloner

01 03. 2012

Carbon Copy Cloner is usual, and it is the application that easily backs up a startup disk of troublesome Mac to easily back up.



24 02. 2012

teleport is the application that can operate Mac in the same local network with one set of keyboard and mouse.



20 02. 2012

TuneSpan is the application that can easily move data enrolling in iTunes in external hard disks.


Lion Tweaks

07 01. 2012

The application that makes it possible that Lion Tweaks makes careful functions of Lion adjustment, invalidity.


MacTheRipper 3.0

10 09. 2011

Ripping tool where MacTheRipper can pick up data of a picture and the music from DVD. It is DVD Ripping constant seller tool in Mac, and the operation has unexpectedly abundant functions though it is easy.



04 09. 2011

An FTP client for free FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Cloud Files, Google Docs, Amazon S3. Mac has quite few FTP clients such as FFFTP, and Cyberduck is precious application.


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