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Pngyu is “ImageAlpha” and TinyPNG which are famous for PNG file compression engine, but is collective compression application using used pngquant.

Compressibility is high in “ImageAlpha” which is famous for application pro-PNG file compression, but I cannot compress it collectively and it is thought that I do not have any problem if it is one piece of PNG file because “TinyPNG” is WEB service, but does not turn for much PNG file compression.

PNG mini” (shareware 170 yen) where collective compression is possible has good convenience as far as I know it,Because a file name after the compression getting suffix called “(mini)” and movement environment are Mac OS after 10.7, I cannot use it by the OS before it.

It “is Pngyu” to introduce this time to solve such a problem at a stretch! !

It is equipped with a compression engine called “pngquant” which is used in “ImageAlpha” and “TinyPNG”, and “Pngyu” enables collective compression, and the file name after the compression is modifiable from overwrite to an arbitrary thing. (I may say beta release a freeware)

How to use Pngyu

A screen is displayed as follows when I start Pngyu.
I perform drag & drop of the PNG file which I want to compress, and compression is started to “Dorp here” in the center in the window when I click “Compress Start” in the window lower right. ) that it is overwritten the file name in the case of (※ default setting

When compression is completed, I am as follows, and that is all for an average of 60% of compressibility. is splendid! !
If it is the setting of the Pngyu default, it is compression completion in this.

Detailed setting of Pngyu

Pngyu can use even a default without a problem, but explains setting.
I start Pngyu, and a setting item of a picture is displayed 4 when I click “Custom”. I can set a color and the quality, and then 5 can set the alpha channel of IE6 6 with a displayed slider.

A setting item is displayed 7 next when I click “Custom”. 8.I click “Other Directory” and set a click destination with an icon in the right side and can input an arbitrary file name when 9 chooses “Custom Filename”.

Finally I can confirm a picture after the compression here when 10 in the window top right corner of Pngyu clicks “Preview” because a window opens.

Of the compressibility compared it

The our one co-file size before the compression is 455KB

As for the file size after the compression, it is compressed around 54% at 205KB.
Almost none of picture deteriorates and is picture that is enough to use it with WEB site and blog.

The operation check is listed in the Web site of producer only with Mac OS X 10.8.3 for beta release now, how about trying the to be interested in because the environment that I tested does not have any problem in “Mac OS 10.6.8″ and worked?

“Pngyu” is beta release, but grows expectation by future update more because it is light, and the movement is considerably convenient!
It was the first nice application of the “Dock case” decision of this year for me of the Web shop! !

Freeware (beta release)
I open the downloading page

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An evaluation is useful for other one. Please evaluate it willingly!!

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