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The cooperation with the joint ownership service that is major, besides, simply even if movement is light, and Lyn takes how to use is possible “image viewer” application.

Is after a long absence in what work is too busy last week, and was not able to readily update; was updated, and put it away….w

Then an introduction of “Lyn” enters at once!
There is quite much application of the image viewer system. I substitute it in iPhoto, but what it is quite heavy and divides every event when the photographs increase when the number of sheets increases because I manage it at the same time becomes troublesome.

“Lyn” which what I seem to help in such a case introduces this time!
The characteristic of “Lyn” is the place where I can read the hierarchical structure of the folder in Mac directly without depending on the specific library like iPhoto. By other functions, it is considerably many functions for simple operation such as the cooperation with major joint ownership service, indication reshuffling looking just like Finder, image processing (turns) that it is easy, considerably detailed image information indication (meta data), GPS information, support of rich file format.Besides, it supports Japanese.

Please refer to a page for the supporting image format as follows.

The following windows are displayed when I start “Lyn”. The indication of the image can read an image at high speed fast.

How to use looks just like Finder and it is not necessary to explain it, and it is easy, but explains only a basic part.
File structure (directory) of Finder is the same, and the window right side of “Lyn” displays it in a tree form. I can read one’s picture file to want to see from here.

2.It looks just like も Finder and one-click can change the indication method that oneself including the GPS information indication had from an icon, a list, individual indication.

3.With the joint ownership service that is major in Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Japan including Dropbox can cooperate.

In addition, I choose a displayed image and I spread if I push the space and display it, and the editing screen that it is easy is displayed in popup if I double-click.

“Lyn” costs 1,800 yen Japanese yen (PayPal settlement possibility) in shareware, I let it is high-performance, and the completeness is high and do only this, is it shareware? It was recommended application by one and the file maintenance that owned many images in the simple one that and I wanted to simplify! !

Shareware 1,800 yen (there is a trial edition of 15 days)
I open the downloading page

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An evaluation is useful for other one. Please evaluate it willingly!!

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