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Simple PC audio to build the DAC and powered speakers

To be allowed to purchase anything even if intend to begin a PC audio system, or not to know think to place a recommended method when, anyway, is cheap, and want to build it.

I think whether probably Mac owns the one where this site is looked at. “It is PC audio system to build in power DOS P car and DAC” which a recommended PC audio system introduces to such one this time.

Good point

Even if the good place of this method says anything, it is the place that it is cheap and can build. It has few worry monopolizing on the desk which it is easy to build it next because there are few machine parts, and is not wide too much except a speaker.
In addition, it depends on DAC, but it is a point to listen to music immediately if it is rare (there is an exception) and connects the installation of a troublesome “driver” if it is recent released DAC.

The point that is not good

I do not have any problem if I sell to Yahoo Auctions and a used shop, but am hard to do step-up because I use it centering on a power DOS P car. The one that prepared machine parts in a simple substance more rises by the price, but I say, and sound quality is possible.

The expense that it costs for construction

Because this is a pin, I cannot say clearly, but think that the following images would be good.
DAC:Net selling around 5,000 yen – around 20,000 yen
パワードスピーカー:Net selling around 5,000 yen – around 30,000 yen

What is a power DOS P car?
When the power DOS P Carr easily explains it, it is a built-in speaker in power amp.
Because I have power amp built-in, I do not need an amplifier particularly.

In addition, it is more available at the at half price degree if it is used and purchases the DAC and power DOS P car mentioned above.

How to choose machine parts

Power DOS P car
I collect information in a net to some extent. And I think that most things should have you show it once if they go to the major general merchandising stores because they can watch it. What have I take favorite music in (AIFF, WAV) which there is no compression in and tell it is the first on this occasion because there is the CD which oneself hears well or the case which I can watch recently in iPhone, iPod, USB memory. This is because it is hard to judge it whether the sound of the power DOS P car is good when it is not the music that I was used to all the time.

The DAC is similar to a power DOS P car, too, but there are some gamble-like things when I can watch these because there are few things, but should watch it if it is possible.

Affinity of a power DOS P car and the DAC
This is because it does not know it if only this is quite serious, and it connects both products, and it does not watch it. In addition, it may be for a sound different from preference by connecting even favorite sound quality when I heard it in a simple substance depending on a power DOS P car and affinity of the DAC. When I cannot have it played before buying, I use a net, and there is looking for it by the article that only oneself and environment are close in.


I am only connected to Mac afterward if I obtain a power DOS P car and the DAC which I liked. I put the power supply of the power DOS P car in an outlet even if I say connection and I connect DAC to RCA cable and only connect DAC and Mac last. If it is the DAC which is a driver-free, it is preparations completion if I choose connected DAC among “system environment setting “→” sound” after the first connection. (please refer to the following images)

Music player

Because it is a waste, as for hearing music by iTunes if I connect DAC to a power DOS P car, the thing which it is said more, and the player listens to by sound quality is recommended. The sound quality of the feeling that “Audirvana” hit is recommended if free, and the expression of a feeling of air or the sound field may take this application. If even pay is good, as for rather cheap “BitPerfect” (850 yen) and price of price, good “Decibel” (2,900 yen) and “Audirvana Plus” (7,771 yen) of the sound quality are recommended though it is slightly high.

It was a recommended method for the person who it was cheap, and wanted to easily build a PC audio system first of all! !

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