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PC audio system construction

I used SoundSticks of harman/kardon, but built a PC audio system until recently without being able to gradually understand sound quality.

I did not hear great music, but I liked the audio system plenty and thought about this in a standard because there was a speaker called CM1 of B&W which I did not use. Music to hear is techno Electronica, a house, pop music mainly.

A lot of machine parts to use plenty might build the PC audio system for the first time and chose you in method of elimination from three plans like the image mentioned above.

At first it was good, but such an amount of money was rejected by simple constitution cheaply because a pre-main amp was not necessary for “plan A” to have possibilities to think about CM1 in a standard.

Then, “plan B” was the first preference, but this plan was rejected because there were very few DAC incorporation pre-main amps which sounded CM1 properly and had few choices.

I finally built a PC audio system in “plan C”.
There is more “plan C” than the plan that the number of machine parts thought about elsewhere, and the expenditure increases, but it features it that I can change only DAC if I do not like it to be different, and to purchase DAC, and extensibility is high. A speaker and a price and the specifications of the pre-main amp did not change every year like Mac, but the change of the price was intense and built only the DAC here like Mac when a DAC simple substance took a long view than a DAC incorporation pre-main amp because it was said more in less than one year even if I purchased it and a product was low-priced and was released because separate looked better for a thing and the sound quality that seemed to be cost-effective.

Because they used Mac while always sounding music during work, the pre-main amp purchased digital amplifier A-5VL of Onkyo where there was little consumption electricity, and, as for the DAC, Mac and affinity purchased Icon uDAC2 which looked good for designing it.

And the system of the current PC audio system is the following feelings.
MacBook Pro → Icon uDAC2 → A-5VL → CM1

I feel sorry for SoundSticks if I compare it for the amount of money with a made thing of the assent for the sound quality, but am the sound quality of the other dimension at all. I hear the sound that I did not hear properly and am the feeling that there is a great deal of information of the music and hears it in high speed, and is comfortable so far♪

Application of high-quality sound

The sound quality remains in dissatisfaction by iTunes that cannot play the FLAC file and is chosen good high-quality sound application when it becomes in this way. It is the following application to have been nominated.

  1. Decibel $32.99(It is faithful to a fundamental tone having low CPU utilization, and conversely there is not a conspicuous characteristic)
  2. Fidelia $19.99(Some CPU utilization was rather much, and the sound quality had rather high three-dimensional impression and feeling of scale, but heard it so that I reached puberty slightly and was done)
  3. Audirvana Plus $49 (or €39). (CPU utilization was rather much, and, as for the sound quality, a feeling of air and a lingering sound were audible a little too much)
  4. BitPerfect $9.99(Are CPU utilization low, the sound quality passable?)


I might always play music, and the application mentioned above watched it using trial editions badly, but, as for the high thing of the utilization of the CPU, introduction was difficult practically, and it might be said with the monitor-like speaker which I sounded, and did, and CM1 purchased Decibel while working.

As a result, ♪ which was able to hear comfortable music not to be able to change color that there was very little CPU utilization, and was unnecessary

Aging of A-5VL looks forward to sound quality after I finish aging still more. In addition, I change DAC to a little more expensive thing and I hate the most suitable PC audio system and want to enjoy the world of the Mac audio system♪

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