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PC audio construction completion by changing cable

I introduce a speaker, an amplifier, DDC, DAC and place an article of the left cable system last.
By the way, it is a pro and con on a net about the cable system and would like the skip because I do not know I confidence whether an edge is good! !

Firstly w which thinks that the sound quality changes with a cable personally.
But it is said that sound quality improves dramatically because I changed a cable or, if anything, I adjust sound quality and am a feeling attuning. I think that there is the some sound quality up, but….
That’s why I think whether the cable changes by music to hear. For example, I like the type that a low tone (kick) is not late for because I often hear techno や house in the case of me in Maine,I think whether there is the person liking low tones of the types to spread depending on music.
I hear it and think whether I should feel good, and it is pleasant to change a cable casually.

Current constitution

Pre-main amp:Onkyo A-7VL
Speaker:B&W CM-1
DAC:North Star Design Essensio
DDC:hiFace Professional & BusPower-Pro

Power supply cable

At first I switched from an amplifier and a power supply cable of the DAC. As for the power supply cable, a change looked for a favorite type of pattern oneself with used two of them and three things from around 8,000 yen to around 25,000 yen which remained in living in various ways. I changed “a wall outlet” first to SWO-DX of オヤイデ because the cable which I owned was only an Okinawa samisen type.
Because I attached it to the tap (I have a loose it) of the Okinawa samisen type of around 1,000 yen that I sold anywhere before attaching “a wall outlet ,”I have a feeling that there was a change of some sound quality. Oh, it may be a cause that electricity went along SWO-DX of Ide well because power to tighten is considerably strong.

Although about (it is soft) 20,000 yen was attached to amplifier to 7VL and the thickest cable of about (it is hard) 30,000 yen was attached to DAC at first, Since low-pass was too tight a little as for the いて quantity region with ボワ, low-pass keeps and a high region came to be finely extended when reversing the attached power cable, it determines by this selection.
It was decided easily that it was unexpected!!
(It seems that, as for the cable with a softer cable harder generally in which sound becomes hardness, sound becomes soft although it does not understand not much in detail)

USB cable

After changing it from a thing for a certain PC to a thing for audio systems of around 8,000 yen anywhere, as for the USB cable, time when, if anything, I install BusPower-Pro in hiFace Professional for the feeling that SN went up and took the power supply from an adapter feels like having been high in an effect. Because SN went up first of all, I settle.

Speaker cable

The speaker cable was quite serious to make preference sound quality. Of the thing which thought that what purchased newly would not have any problem with this cable in “ZONOTONE 6NSP-2200S Meister 1,450 yen /1m”, and purchased it, but the balance of the overall sound was good for a feeling slightly different from the somewhat favorite sound quality, but changed the cable of following four kinds that owned from the cause because was the feeling that was too cheerful, and a high level was different from an image in when attached いざ after all was different from an image.w where the thing which a high level had good was different from an image in a low level, and had the reverse again.

・Audioquest X-2 500円/1m
・MONSTER CABLE 1800円程度/1m
・KIMBER KABLE 4PR 1400円程度/1m
・TiGLON MS-12SP 3900円程度/1m

It is decision in “ZONOTONE 6NSP-2200S Meister” where I think that what a by wire ring does to 7VL (there are not four terminals) would be good, and it purchased the low level use newly first of all by force that it is difficult thought, to balance because it has purchased “ZONOTONE 6NSP-2200S Meister” to think using this somehow that favorite sound quality does not have it while knowing it. And a high level improved in the cable mentioned above in a high level most and was decided in “TiGLON MS-12SP” of pure sound quality.”KIMBER KABLE 4PR” was good by a sweet sound, but “TiGLON MS-12SP” where there were few habits was “ZONOTONE 6NSP-2200S Meister” and my environment, and affinity was good.

I change a short account of the cable, and the PC audio system construction is completed in this for the time being. The cable which I owned from the cause is available, and the sound field opens without a high level lengthening than before, and the low level becoming dim and is the feeling that I am distinguished for the sense of speed, and it was for sound quality of the oneself preference considerably.But the recording good thing which is in a state is better than before, and a change feels like there being few it, but the bad thing of the hearing recording state is a feeling when Rip should do the good CD of the recording state from now on. I knew that there was a change quite, and it was said that that I was reluctant to do it when CM1 changed the cable because a change was a plain speaker relatively-like, and even I of 屋 was able to enjoy it quite and the digital amplifier changed a power supply cable and was studied.

Is troubled with oneself who still watches an audio system magazine though the construction of the PC audio system was completed; nowadays!

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