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hiFace Professional introduction

I think only of an audio system, and update becomes dull recently. Let’s put it into an action than we think! I introduced DDC which turned into Icon-uDAC2 before being, and purchasing DAC in a thing in the beginning to ask, hiFace Professional.

The upper photograph is DDC called hiFaceTWO not hiFace Professional which I purchased. A design was stylish, and refuse Mize was that it was hiFace Professional to have had, and a company called the aurora sound placed hiFaceTWO. I’m sorry if I let you misunderstand it!

hiFace Professional and BusPower-Pro are this place. Anyway, that you say a design is a square box and I think that it is more incomprehensible with the photograph than hiFaceTWO, but it is quite slightly bigger and is heavy, besides.

Icon-uDAC2 worked as DDC, too and was satisfied in particular, but because I heard music while standing by some application, and working, a power supply was interested in having been worried about only a place of the bus power and a thing called the a synchronized eggplant transfer and reached the introduction of hiFace Professional that on investigation there were not reputation having been quite good and the customized model of DDC called hiFaceTWO with the bus power in a net in various ways.
I considerably liked hiFaceTWO for designing it, but this gave it up because it was bus power.

hiFaceTWO causing hiFace Professional seems to have good technique of the driver development of the PC in the Italian audio system maker where is young and spirited.

The basic functions are as follows
・I work by USB Audio Class 2.0, Asynchronous Transfer Mode.
・The output highly precise with S/PDIF signal of 24Bit/192kHz.
・The oscillator deployment of the low jitter.
・It is a driver-free in Mac.

When I purchased it and was connected at once, a sound became considerably in comparison with Icon-uDAC2 clear and knew that resolution, SN went up immediately. In addition, sound in itself seems to be stable even if I carry out a considerably heavy activity whether bus power works. When the power supply relations were considerably important, I felt the PC audio system to be utterly. But is hiFace Professional and BusPower-Pro; approximately around 40,000 yen,Because Icon-uDAC2 is 13,650 yen Japanese yen, judging from a price, Icon-uDAC2 understands that it is considerably cost-effective.

Because sound quality rose apart from what, and stability was finished, it was said and was shopping! !

hiFace Professional

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