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Introduction Essensio

I considered what kind of DAC you introduced in various ways since I introduced hiFace Professional, but what looked for that there was the DAC which was correct for the sound that oneself readily demanded considerably had a hard time.

In the first place I understood for sound quality of 7VL first, but it is the first reason that feel like I was tired when it is never at night when I hear music all day while working when it is said why you thought about the purchase of the DAC. In addition, I’m ashamed to say, it is one of the reasons to have been seized with a desire to want to improve sound quality more.
The reason why I am tired may be that techno や houses are Maine, and music hearing is sometimes JPOP, rock.

I wanted to do something about this fatigue and looked for DAC.
But I could not be, and it was all most of the people who heard similar music by the same constitution to see the reviews such as nets could do to know the individual sound quality of the DAC product.

I intended to purchase DAC of around 50,000 yen, but changed only what I traded in to hear the opinion that the DAC to know that I improved it from current sound quality instantly should start more than 100,000 yen in what I looked for for 100,000 yen – 200,000 yen because unpleasant first when I heard it in various ways directly in an audio shop.As a matter of course, it is secret savings for a bride secretly…….

Even if here is serious again and watches it directly in an audio shop or a large general merchandising store, there is much orchestra and jazz system, and it is said, and most of the music to have you tell it know that it is a sound, but the music that I hear does not know it at all whether it is correct. Because you should take CDs to actually hear well directly, but I thought that it is unreliable too much because it is different in an amplifier, a speaker, the shape of the room to watch after all, but I hate what I cannot purchase even if it is in when if the same,I decide to choose it in method of elimination from a budget.

Apparatus choice

It is a net to have been nominated, and there are the high following models, price differences and reputation plenty, but the model which it is said, and which model may tell music by a sound when the list price is as above 100,000 yen, and there is not is not basic and is an afterward favorite difference. I watch all it by a CD sound source. I think that the environment of the seeing and hearing place is different, and there is considerable deflection in preference for a personal impression. By the way, I completely ignored it about the function of DSD because there was nothing in the music that I heard.

Resolution is high, and the sound field narrows it for a flat feeling generally.

I feel close to a low level, and the sound quality of the warmth tortoise, the sound field are quite rather wide.

The sound field that there is spreads the sense of speed for a feeling close to a low level.

The resolution that there is raises the sense of speed in a flat generally in comparison with HEGEL HD11, and the sound field is rather wider.
It is entirely different in the same maker.

North Star Design Essensio
There is sense of speed more, and resolution is high, and the sound field spreads a high level, too.

North Star Design Impulso
The feeling that the system resembles North Star Design Essensio. It is different, and sound in itself is thicker for the feeling that one one sound has a big, and some sound fields are narrows.
This one is the same maker, too, but is entirely different.

It is 2 models of “HEGEL HD20″ “North Star Design Essensio” that sense of speed and the sound field stayed to the candidate in the above till the last first of all because music to hear is the techno house center because wide one was preference. To be frank, these 2 models were good in both, but it might be said that having thought about affinity with Mac because I put it on the desk finally and “hiFace Professional” were made in Italy, and a product made in Italy decided to introduce “North Star Design Essensio” that affinity would be good.

Setting & impression

It is much better than expectation when I install it at once, and an expanse and the separation of the sound field are uneven so far, and I go up it, and the SN ratio is the feeling that level in itself of the music is different in without high speed, the delay of the kick without spoiling the sense of speed of the digital amplifier more. Besides, astonishment honest in hearing a story voice even if I usually raise volume more. As for the music, it goes without saying that it is vibration of the air, but the conventional sound quality is the image that pushes it individually if I replace DAC for an image pushing air at a stretch.In addition, anyway, the high-pitched tone is clean, and, anyway, a vocal of the women is beautiful and is not tired at all even if I hear it all day than anything.

No, I purchased it through hardships, and … was really good. Is a product made in Italy terrible?
I intend to change a power supply cable, the speaker cable while escaping the eyes of the bride with this condition. At this chance it was sound quality to let you think whether I might be stuck in the depth by oneself steadily! !

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