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Difference between App Store and official site

11 10. 2012

I downloaded application from wherever since App Store came up because an acquisition course of the application diversified and examined whether the one that I purchased was advantageous.



03 07. 2012

ColorChooser is the color picker application that can examine a color to want to know without using PhotoShop when I produce Web.


31 12. 2011

It is not the application that SiteSucker is beyond general one and can recommend, but is the application that is very convenient in engaged in web production.



10 10. 2011

Light movement and advertisement non-indication function are strong. It is the browser that is quite high-performance though familiar Mozilla Gecko engine is not so famous for a base in “Firefox”.



30 09. 2011

An apple pure browser. The place where the function that it becomes fun to operate for a feeling of operation peculiar to refined UI and leader, reading, Mac including the multi-touch gesture is rich is a characteristic.



29 09. 2011

Extensions is the browser that it is easy to customize to the browser of the oneself chisel a lot of most. Update comes to be carried out frequently, and it becomes a more refined browser recently.



28 09. 2011

The super-high-speed browser that Google developed. The Extensions is abundant, too, and oneself chisel customization is possible. Besides, JavaScript engine “V8″ carried in Chrome is fastest in all browsers.



13 09. 2011

The browser that is famous by being able to use BitTorrent. The freeware which is famous because a feeling of operation is more fluent than other browsers, and there are many core fans.


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