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15 05. 2013

Flutter is unprecedented application enabling the simple operation of iTunes and the VLC Media Player by a gesture using iSight.


How to use MakeMKV

16 04. 2013

MakeMKV is the very excellent application that is possible to Ripping of the Blu-ray as well as Ripping of the DVD.


The license key of macx-dvd-ripper-pro public in for free!

05 04. 2013

High-performance DVD ripping application developing is free Digiarty Software Inc from April 5 to April 14, and license cord distribution is.


How to use MacTheRipper

04 04. 2013

MacTheRipper introduced the application before, but thinks to place it about detailed how to use this time.



12 03. 2013

Avdapter is an animation, a sound, various forms of the picture file and conversion application corresponding to, anyway, many devices.


Movie Thumbnails Free

05 02. 2013

It is the application that Movie Thumbnails Free makes a Animation file the thumbnail of the animation by simple operation of the drag & drop, and outputs the information such as meta data in an image format.


Demo Recorder

07 11. 2012

Demo Recorder is application to become convenient depending on how to use that can record a desktop directly Mac plenty.


How to use PS3 Media Server

01 11. 2012

I placed it before about “PS3 Media Server”, but place it to how to use this time.


How to use DVD2oneX2

10 10. 2012

I introduced former DVD2oneX2, but place it about how to use DVD2oneX2 this time.


How to use PPS shadow sound

09 09. 2012

It is the application that, anyway, is convenient that can watch many picture contents such as a movie, serial drama, the animated cartoon which the PPS shadow sound rents it, and were just started free in iPhone and iPad.


Free Video Converter

09 08. 2012

Free Video Converter is conversion application characterized by the operation that intuitive, is simple.



24 07. 2012

iconvert is conversion application of a movie file specialized in iPhone characterized by simple operation, iPad, iPod.



19 07. 2012

WannaAudio is the application that extracts only sound data from animation data by simple operation.


Media Menu Lite – Movie Edition

18 07. 2012

Media Menu Lite – Movie Edition is resident in menubar and is application making it possible to access an animation folder quickly quickly from there.


gom player(mac)

27 06. 2012

gom player (mac) is for Mac of the animation player who it is popular, and is equivalent to much reproduction formats in windows.



22 06. 2012

Conversion is equipped with a conversion engine of FFmpeg and is application to know the conversion, and to give to the form that can play an animation by simple operation in iPhone, iPod, AppleTV.


Outlawing of ripping

19 06. 2012

Ripping is that is that a big change was approved by a majority in House of Representatives plenary session on June 15 by a law to hold and places DVD.



11 06. 2012

NicePlayer is animation reproduction application characterized by simple UI corresponding to a large number of animation formats which cannot reproduce in QuickTime.



08 06. 2012

iSquint finishes the development, but is the application that I can convert into MP4 or the H.264 form that I can watch by iPhone and iPod by simple operation.



17 05. 2012

iPlayer is the media player who can play many animation formats of the media file.


Smart Video Converter

14 05. 2012

Smart Video Converter is application characterized by the operation that it is very simple, and is simple specialized in only animation conversion.


Strongest Cinavia Blu-ray copy protection!?

10 05. 2012

The protection that I want to be careful about when I copy Blu-ray has CPRM, CPPM, many types including AACS, but introduces about stronger Cinavia.


How to use Mac DVDRipper Pro

09 05. 2012

I introduced former Mac DVDRipper Pro3, but place it about how to use Mac DVDRipper Pro3 this time.


08 05. 2012

Datura is the application that made it easy to use FFmpeg adopted by many animation encoding application in GUI.


turbo.264 HD

02 05. 2012

turbo.264 HD is equipped with a processor for video conversion (encoding) and is the device which I can encode fast.



01 05. 2012

Vuze is the BitTorrent client application that not only the downloading of the Torrent file but also the file maintenance is possible.



24 04. 2012

Movist is the animation player that the setting that movement is light, and is detailed is possible.


Flip4Mac WMV

14 02. 2012

Flip4Mac WMV is the plug in application that can regenerate the WMV file which is file format for Windows in Mac.


How to use DVDFab

30 01. 2012

The application that I can perform DVDFab by total from high-performance ripping only by the shareware to compression. I can copy the Blu-ray, too, but I narrow it down to copying of the DVD this time and place it.



29 01. 2012

DVDFab is Windows, but Mac of possible application is for ripping with the DVD which I suffered from of what kind of latest protection that the strongest call is high-pitched.


MPlayer OSX Extended

27 01. 2012

MPlayer OSX Extended is media player of the OSX extension of MPlayer with a great many formats which can reproduce.


MediaHuman Audio Converter

26 01. 2012

MediaHuman Audio Converter is the application that can easily extract a chisel for the audio of the movie file.


How to use Ripit

16 01. 2012

I introduced former Ripit, but place it about how to use Ripit this time.


Kind of the DVD media

14 01. 2012

I want to think about a kind of the DVD media which it is hard to understand slightly which I want to learn when I do ripping and copy DVD and the recommended DVD media.


Mac Blu-ray Player

02 12. 2011

Mac Blu-ray Player is the application that can play high-resolution Blu-ray in Mac according to the name.


PEnGUIn Encoder MP4

27 11. 2011

The application that PEnGUIn Encoder MP4 can convert a movie file into MP4 and AVI form. Because we let you urge me to install encoding engine “Binary” at the time of the first start, let’s install it.



26 11. 2011

LiquidCD is writing application to have by data, music, a picture, various data including the photograph. I include a playlist and the interlocking movement function of iTunes and iPhoto.


Smart Converter

19 11. 2011

The application that Smart Converter converts an animation and music characterized by simple operation into a form suitable for iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, Android, PSP, many devices including XBox.



17 11. 2011

The application that was specialized in iTubeX downloading an animation in YouYube. It features Safari and UI which are similar so as to be wrong.


BurnX Free

15 11. 2011

The writing application that, anyway, operation is very simple as for the function that BurnX Free is necessary to comprise it.


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