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10 06. 2013

It is the application that iStumbler displays the detailed information of Wifi network and the device for Bluetooth with a list, and supports connection.



30 05. 2013

When I uninstall application, AppTrap is the application that I find out a file in conjunction with the application automatically, and supports uninstallation.


Sleep No More

08 05. 2013

Sleep No More is resident in menubar and is the application that can prevent you from pricking the sleep mode with Mac in the time when you set it.



24 04. 2013

When I make Mac a sleep mode, Jettison is application picking up an external drive automatically.



10 04. 2013

Sorry, this entry is only available in 日本語.


02 04. 2013

HiddenMe is the application that can cover an interspersed icon to a desktop from menubar.


Point N See

11 03. 2013

It is the application that Point N See enlarges any place that guessed mouse cursor right with the other window in the Desktop and can display.



04 03. 2013

TabMeister is the launcher application that can perform start of the application from a tab in the Desktop not Dock of Mac.


Battery Health

28 02. 2013

Battery Health is application convenient casually teaching a state of battery put on Mac in detail.



25 02. 2013

Bandwidth+ displays quantity of communication of the data which Mac uses by Wi-Fi in menubar and is the application that I can confirm



20 02. 2013

FontPreview is the application that can easily perform the comparison of the font hard to please in FontBook carried in Mac.



18 02. 2013

FreeSpace is resident in menubar and is application enabling capacity confirmation and the unmount of storages such as a hard disk or the USB memory connected to in Mac.



13 02. 2013

WindowMizer is application making it possible to make a window of the application of Mac only title bar by simple operation of the double click.


Garbage Truck

15 01. 2013

It is the application that is convenient casually when there is it emptying a file abandoned to a trash box of Mac automatically.


FreeRAM Booster

09 01. 2013

FreeRAM Booster is memory liberation application throwing memory open with the value that I set.


How to use ClamXav

04 01. 2013

I introduced “ClamXav” before, but want to place it about how to use simple this time.



26 12. 2012

Sleepytime stops reproduction by iTunes after uniformity time and is application pro-timer which Mac in itself can terminate.


Memory Magic

11 12. 2012

In Memory Magic, a colorful graph displays memory and a history of the utilization of unnecessary swap file, and memory is the application that it is automatic and frees if short.



25 11. 2012

Monolingual is usual in MacOS and is the convenient application that increases free space of hard disk and SSD by deleting the language that is not necessary.


Folders Factory

22 11. 2012

It is the convenient application that Folders Factory is usual and easily produces the icon of the folder that it is slightly troublesome to change and can set.



20 11. 2012

When Switch shaves a Web site reading, it is easy by a different browser and is the application that can open speedily.



19 11. 2012

I search the overlap file which is apt to increase before I notice that “Gemini” uses Mac for a long time and am the convenient application that I can delete if unnecessary.



16 11. 2012

DragonDrop is unprecedented unique application improving drag & drop operation dramatically.



15 11. 2012

Bartender gathers up an icon of application displayed by menubar in the second menubar and is the application that can customize menubar in what I do for non-indication.


Dock Designer

12 11. 2012

It is the convenient application that Dock Designer can customize Dock where there is almost none of the customization willingly and does.


WiFi Scanner

30 10. 2012

It is the application that WiFi Scanner can display various information that I cannot scan in WiFi of the Mac standard and does.



17 10. 2012

KeyboardCleanTool is the application that can invalidate a keyboard temporarily without shutting down Mac.



15 10. 2012

It is the application that 1Keyboard connects with devices such as iPhone and iPad or Android using Bluetooth, and can share a keyboard of Mac.



01 10. 2012

iCleanMemory is resident in menubar, and leave memory open; though is simple, is the application that is convenient casually when install it.


23 08. 2012

CleanMyDrive is resident in menubar and is application managing all drives connected to Mac from there.



01 08. 2012

Lamoji is resident in menubar and is the application that can input the decorated letter which I can watch at Lion, Mountain Lion, iOS terminal quickly.

Data Glue

26 07. 2012

Data Glue divides the file which size has a too big and is the application that I can unite adversely.


iStat Menus

17 07. 2012

iStat Menus is the application that can identify a CPU, a disk, memory, the internal situation of Mac including the network from menubar.



12 07. 2012

iAntivirus is for Mac made in basic Symantec company of the virus measures application and is free virus measures application.



11 07. 2012

TimeMachineEditor is convenient application canceling an inconvenient part of Time Machine which is carried by default in Mac.


Ds Store Remover

10 07. 2012

Ds Store Remover is application removing invisible file “.DS_Store” where the setting information such as a folder or the icon is listed in.



02 07. 2012

HardwareGrowler is application informing information of the hardware of Mac using “Growl” which is famous by notifying you of information of various application.


Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac

18 06. 2012

Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac is the quite strong virus measures application that I can use free.


FreeSpace Tab

06 06. 2012

It is the application that FreeSpace Tab identifies the free space of an internal hard disk and the external device from menubar, and can unmount.



04 06. 2012

When Mac is long, and iBoostUp uses it, doing it is application deleting the unnecessary data such as increasing cash, log, crash report how.


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