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05 04. 2012

flickery is Flickr client application of user interface looking just like iPhoto.



25 01. 2012

TweetDeck is plural panes and is the necessary Twitter client application that I mutter and extract it and display of Twitter.



14 12. 2011

The application that I can contribute Afficheur to micro-blogs (Twitter) of the fashion recently. The supporting micro-blog supports Twitter, Jaiku, Wassr,, Jisko, FriendFeed, facebook.


Tab for Google+

23 11. 2011

Client application of google+ where Tab for Google+ is a social service of google. There may be few people who still use it in google+ in Japan, but users seem to increase rapidly worldwide.



16 11. 2011

The night owl is Twitter client application of the Mac use. Though it is pretty, the function considerably has abundant icons and is coped with Japanese properly.


FaceTab for Facebook

14 11. 2011

The client application that Facebook can read even if I stand and do not give a browser. Blue like Facebook is a basic tone, and UI is simple.



25 10. 2011

Official client application of Twitter. It is simple, and intuitive operation is possible without UI being compact in the one that has used Twitter for Web, and monopolizing a desktop too much, and the movement is light at all.



18 10. 2011

Desktop client application of Twitter where Echofon is popular. If there is even this application, it is not necessary to go up by a browser expressly when I use Twitter.


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