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30 04. 2013

Pngyu is “ImageAlpha” and TinyPNG which are famous for PNG file compression engine, but is collective compression application using used pngquant.



23 04. 2013

There are too many icons of the menubar in AccessMenuBarApps and is application displaying the icon which has hidden by an interesting method.



18 04. 2013

It is the application that I can preview HyperSwitch to contents as well as an icon of the application at the time of an application change in “⌘+Tab” and do.



26 03. 2013

It is the launcher system application which Dropzone starts application from menubar and the side of the desktop, and can set an action.


PNG files in bulk compression and ImageOptim ImageAlpha!

22 03. 2013

The last article introduced “PNG Compressor“, but after examining that compressibility of PNG seemed to be high most any, and watching it because compressibility was lower than other application, “was ImageAlpha” in my environment.


PNG Compressor

20 03. 2013

PNG Compressor is an app that will make it possible to drag-and-drop ease compression in the PNG file.



13 03. 2013

“DropLink” is the convenient application that any place can set a synchronization folder of basic “DropBox” of the online storage service.


App so let me be up shop in the work efficiency of the Web

07 03. 2013

I say an introduction of the application this time or think to place the application that seems to improve work efficiency of a Web person.


Fresh Feed Pro

26 02. 2013

Fresh Feed Pro is resident in menubar and is compact RSS leader application conveying RSS feeding in sound alerts。



12 02. 2013

AppMenu is an application which makes it possible to start and change the application started from Foundations Dock from a menu bar.


App…Store Quickview

04 02. 2013

App…Store Quickview is the application that movement can check contents in quite rather heavy AppStore and iTunes Store quickly.



29 01. 2013

Kiritori is application of the systems to be able to reach the place having a pain in with the convenience that expanded the function of screen capture put on Mac by default.



28 01. 2013

MiniUsage is the application that can confirm the availability of the CPU, quantity of network transmission and reception, a battery residual quantity, a process having high CPU availability, information of Mac including the reading and writing information to a disk from menubar.


Email Archiver

24 01. 2013

Email Archiver is the very convenient application that can make all contents of an email saved in “” PDF.



23 01. 2013

DropDownloadURL is the application that can download all most of the contents of an opening Web page and any Web page.



22 01. 2013

It is the application that is convenient when there is it though it is quiet that Integrity only inputs a URL, and checks broken links such as a Web site or the blog.


PNG mini

18 01. 2013

PNG mini is convenient application compressing the file of the PNG form by drag & drop according to the name.

PDF Squeezer

10 01. 2013

PDF Squeezer is convenient application reducing file size of the PDF by simple operation of the drag & drop.



25 12. 2012

Fluid is convenient application holding a Web site to be a browser basically, and to use like independent application.



07 12. 2012

A function is simple, and NewsBee is RSS leader application of the types to be resident in menubar.



04 12. 2012

Eve is the application that lets, anyway, you learn the short cut of the keyboard of convenient Mac a little while training if I learn it.


03 12. 2012

It is the convenient application that improves convenience more by XtraFinder adding a tab function to Finder, and adding various functions.


Any Send

29 11. 2012

It is the very convenient application that Any Send is easy to use “AirDrop” which is put by default on Mac more, and raised flexibility.



28 11. 2012

ImageAlpha is the convenient application that I do not cut down on a picture, and compresses most of the images of the “PNG” form high. Besides, it is a freeware!



27 11. 2012

When FormatMatch is Mac and copies texts, it is the application that I can store Rich Text stored in a clipboard as plain text and do.



21 11. 2012

Found is the considerably convenient application that can search Mac, Google Drive, Google Docs, Gmail, DropBox, Evernote, SkayDraive fast.


Useful usage of MacWinZipper or WinArchiver

06 11. 2012

Because it is hard to use even Windows by the application that can make a compressed file to reject to open without a problem if the same, WinArchiver & MacWinZipper places slightly convenient how to use.



05 11. 2012

It is application throwing free space of the memory which collects by all means when MemoryFreer uses Mac open.



02 11. 2012

QREncoder is the application that can make QR code (two-dimensional bar code) that I can read with mobile devices in Mac.



26 10. 2012

It is the application that InerziaMode groups application and can run at a stretch when it is necessary.


Plain Clip

23 10. 2012

Plain Clip is the application that converts the text which I copied in Web sites from Rich Text into plain text.



22 10. 2012

Archy is the client application that can use “Google Drive” which is online storage service of Google more usefully.


FlagUp Notifier

16 10. 2012

FlagUp Notifier is client application in the authorities of of Gmail which notifies from menubar the desktop top of a new email of Gmail.



12 10. 2012

bloodrop is application such as plug in making it easy to use basic “Dropbox” of the cloud application more.



10 10. 2012

“Visits” is the application that can confirm “data of Google Analytics” which I cannot confirm if I do not usually use browsers without starting a browser.



09 10. 2012

It is the application that PDF to JPG only performs drag & drop, and converts “JPG” into “PDF”.


My Little Pomodoro

03 10. 2012

This is a unique task management app that will support time management called “Pomodoro Technique” My Little Pomodoro is.


How to use MarsEdit

23 09. 2012

It is application letting I can update blog such as WordPress without using a browser and do MarsEdit.


Name Mangler

19 09. 2012

Name Mangler is the application that a stretch enables troublesome renaming (file name change) work fast, besides.



03 09. 2012

It is the application that Calendar is resident in menubar, and can identify a calendar quickly when it is necessary.


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