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27 05. 2013

The cooperation with the joint ownership service that is major, besides, simply even if movement is light, and Lyn takes how to use is possible “image viewer” application.



14 05. 2013

“Jpegger” is the super simple application that converts the picture file of the PNG form into JPG form by simple operation of the drag & drop.



11 09. 2012

JPEGmini is the application that largely reduces file size without a picture almost dropping JPG.



26 03. 2012

Skreenics is the application that easily makes a thumbnail image from a normal movie file.



05 03. 2012

It is the application that ImageOptim deletes the meta data included in image data such as JPG or PNG, and is lightweighted.



20 01. 2012

Flaex is the application that can extract music, an image, an animation from SWF which is one of the file format for reproduction of Adobe Flash.



11 01. 2012

Sparkbox is the image library application that usability different from iPhoto again shines.



26 10. 2011

The application that Skitch can do simple image editing. I can write in a letter, an arrow, a line, Japanese yen, an explanatory note at the screenshot that I captured, and the function to perform simple image editing is prepared generally.



13 10. 2011

Basic free application of image editing proud of a function at the same level as Photoshop to. It is a high-performance yellowtail as several reference books are released to be able to hold it for this GIMP.


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