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Simple PC audio to build the DAC and powered speakers

23 07. 2013

To be allowed to purchase anything even if intend to begin a PC audio system, or not to know think to place a recommended method when, anyway, is cheap, and want to build it.


PC audio construction completion by changing cable

18 07. 2013

I introduce a speaker, an amplifier, DDC, DAC and place an article of the left cable system last.
By the way, it is a pro and con on a net about the cable system and would like the skip because I do not know I confidence whether an edge is good! !


Introduction Essensio

10 07. 2013

I considered what kind of DAC you introduced in various ways since I introduced hiFace Professional, but what looked for that there was the DAC which was correct for the sound that oneself readily demanded considerably had a hard time.


hiFace Professional introduction

07 07. 2013

I think only of an audio system, and update becomes dull recently. Let’s put it into an action than we think! I introduced DDC which turned into Icon-uDAC2 before being, and purchasing DAC in a thing in the beginning to ask, hiFace Professional.


Bubble Harp

27 06. 2013

It is such an eccentric sound art application that Bubble Harp does a heart with music and a picture not such an application wealthily that something becomes convenient, and seems to heal it.



16 06. 2013

ByteController is a controller of iTunes that, anyway, is compact of the type to be resident in menubar.



05 06. 2013

iRip is the application that can transfer data from iPod and iPhone which an origin of development same as famous “Ripit” sells in Ripping application to Mac.


PC audio update

20 05. 2013

Because I was not able to understand the sound of the amplifier without one year passing after building a PC audio system, I updated a pre-main amp.



15 05. 2013

Flutter is unprecedented application enabling the simple operation of iTunes and the VLC Media Player by a gesture using iSight.


McIntosh AP1 Audio Player

07 05. 2013

McIntosh AP1 Audio Player is a music player for iPhone of McIntosh where none of the audio system enthusiasts longs for, iOS including iPad.


Audirvana Plus

27 03. 2013

Audirvana Plus is application of the shareware versions which it functions, and improved of “Audirvana” which I introduced before.



25 03. 2013

Originally I restore the music data of iPod that was pay (now a freeware) for iTunes, and xPort is the application that I can back up.



18 03. 2013

SoundSource is application making it possible to easily change the audio system output of Mac from menubar.


THX tune-up

30 01. 2013

It is the application that THX tune-up connects with picture adjustment and the AV amp of TV and the projector through iPhone and iPad, and supports sound quality adjustment.



26 12. 2012

Sleepytime stops reproduction by iTunes after uniformity time and is application pro-timer which Mac in itself can terminate.



18 12. 2012

It is the application that CloudPlay compiles musical pieces such as iTunes, YouTube, Soundcloud, exfm, bandsoup, jamendo,, and can become a playlist.


Discovr Music – discover new music

26 09. 2012

It is the application that displays associated many artists in the form such as the constellation when “Discovr Music – discover new music” inputs an artist name.



18 09. 2012

EasyRingtone is the application that converts the music that I liked on hand into a ringtone by simple operation.


FLAC Player

06 09. 2012

It is the application that FLAC Player can play the FLAC file which cannot reproduce by “the music” equipped with by iPhone and can do.


Fluke for Mac

05 09. 2012

Fluke for Mac is by default application such as the plug in of iTunes that can play the FLAC file which cannot reproduce by iTunes.



05 09. 2012

Tune•Instructor is the high-performance application that can display reproduction of the music of iTunes, artwork, various information including the indication of the text.


PC audio system construction

24 08. 2012

I used SoundSticks of harman/kardon, but built a PC audio system until recently without being able to gradually understand sound quality.



07 08. 2012

BitPerfect is application improving the sound quality that is not all right because of too much iTunes dramatically.



25 07. 2012

It is the application that can let it is slightly special, and Globvler sets volume every application and memorize it.


iTunar Desktop

09 07. 2012

iTunar Desktop is application displaying various information including artwork and the music played by iTunes to a desktop.


Ringer – Ringtone Maker

04 07. 2012

Ringer – Ringtone Maker is the application that can easily produce a ringtone for iPhone from music and an animation in Mac.


Tunesify Lite

26 06. 2012

Tunesify Lite is application converting into a form to be able to read gradually popular FLAC file by iTunes recently.



07 06. 2012

SoundConverter is music file conversion application supporting every file format.



01 05. 2012

Vuze is the BitTorrent client application that not only the downloading of the Torrent file but also the file maintenance is possible.


ipod -> folder

19 04. 2012

ipod -> folder is the application that Mac can save data saved for iPod without iTunes.



04 04. 2012

Sonora displays artwork smartly and is application in correspondence with the reproduction such as FLAC files of the fashion now.



29 03. 2012

It is the application that AudioSlicer cuts a long silence part included in the MP3 and divides a file and can store.



27 03. 2012

Songbird is music player application of the types that I can add adding on (Extensions) to like chic UI and FireFox.


X Lossless Decoder

22 03. 2012

X Lossless Decoder decodes the loss reply that does not support, a reversible compressed file by iTunes and is conversion, the application that I can revitalize.



12 03. 2012

expod is the application that I do not use iTunes, and can extract data such as iPod, iPhone, iPod Touch.



06 03. 2012

Enqueue is the application that makes music of iTunes that is installed by default in Mac a high-pitched sound of the quality more.



20 02. 2012

TuneSpan is the application that can easily move data enrolling in iTunes in external hard disks.



01 02. 2012

TunesArt is application doing artwork like a compact controller of iTunes.


MediaHuman Audio Converter

26 01. 2012

MediaHuman Audio Converter is the application that can easily extract a chisel for the audio of the movie file.



20 01. 2012

Flaex is the application that can extract music, an image, an animation from SWF which is one of the file format for reproduction of Adobe Flash.


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