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28 03. 2013

Timi is a countdown timer and application with the stopwatch function that are resident in menubar.


Should I Sleep

16 01. 2013

Should I Sleep is the unprecedented application that I let you do sleep, or judges Mac using a facial recognition function in iSight carried by default in most Mac.


Kuvva Wallpapers

08 01. 2013

Kuvva Wallpapers is application changing in the interval when I appointed wall paper automatically between the desktops.



12 12. 2012

Degrees is the application that there is not of the function that, anyway, it is simple, and is unnecessary that always informs weather information with a very small icon of the menubar.



05 12. 2012

AppyDays is the application that Mac, iPhone, application of iPad sold in AppStore find a sale and the information that became free.


Prices Drop Monitor for Amazon

04 10. 2012

It is the application that Prices Drop Monitor for Amazon checks the price fluctuation of a product sold in Amazon of the world and informs.



28 06. 2012

Minutes is timer application characterized by the design which is colorful though it is simple and simple operation.


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