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06 03. 2013 is iPhone version application of the soccer news site considered that probably there are the most information and update in a site pro-soccer.



14 02. 2013


THX tune-up

30 01. 2013

It is the application that THX tune-up connects with picture adjustment and the AV amp of TV and the projector through iPhone and iPad, and supports sound quality adjustment.


1Password for iOS

18 12. 2012

1Password for iOS is Mac, Windows, an Android version and application corresponding to most devices in a constant seller of constant sellers in password management system.


How to utilize the iPhone5 on iTunes 10.6.3 with Leopard 10.5

24 09. 2012

iPhone5 was released, and there was not yet the room, too, but I was necessary, and, as for the OS of the Mac side, iTunes after 10.7 were as above 10.6.8 to synchronize in iPhone5.


How to use PPS shadow sound

09 09. 2012

It is the application that, anyway, is convenient that can watch many picture contents such as a movie, serial drama, the animated cartoon which the PPS shadow sound rents it, and were just started free in iPhone and iPad.


FLAC Player

06 09. 2012

It is the application that FLAC Player can play the FLAC file which cannot reproduce by “the music” equipped with by iPhone and can do.


Ringer – Ringtone Maker

04 07. 2012

Ringer – Ringtone Maker is the application that can easily produce a ringtone for iPhone from music and an animation in Mac.


Chrome iOS

29 06. 2012

Chrome iOS (Chrome) is for iPhone of Chrome for Mac which Google Corporation provides, iPad.


iPhone strap

27 04. 2012

I was always looking for a strap of iPhone, but had an acquaintance produce it because there was not the thing of a very good type.


Sparrow for iPhone

23 04. 2012

It is the client application of the web email including gmail which Sparrow for iPhone is for Mac, and an evaluation is very high in.


A method to solve the issue of battery of iPhone4S! ?

09 12. 2011

iPhone4S is iOS5 from a beginning, but decrease of the battery seems to be early when I update iPhone4 in iOS5.



29 11. 2011

iTetherはジェイルブレイク無しにiPhoneをUSBモデム化できるアプリです。11月28日にApp Storeに登場したばかりですが、直ぐにアップルに消されると思いますのでテザリングしたい方は早めにダウンロードした方が良さそうです。


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