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09 04. 2013

CloudPull is the application that it is local, and backs up the data of service using in Goolge account by simple operation



12 10. 2012

bloodrop is application such as plug in making it easy to use basic “Dropbox” of the cloud application more.


How to utilize the iPhone5 on iTunes 10.6.3 with Leopard 10.5

24 09. 2012

iPhone5 was released, and there was not yet the room, too, but I was necessary, and, as for the OS of the Mac side, iTunes after 10.7 were as above 10.6.8 to synchronize in iPhone5.



28 08. 2012

Droplr is client application of the cloud storage service that I can use in an account of Twitter.


Google Drive

26 04. 2012

The Google drive is the joint ownership of data and synchronizing cloud storage service between an online storage similar to Dropbox and local storages.


Memo – Sticky Notes

29 02. 2012

“The Memo-Sticky Notes” is the memo application that made it easy to use the stickies that is installed by default in Mac more.



05 12. 2011

Synchronization similar to “DropBox” perform SugarSync easily, and Japanese copes in the online storage which the function considerably has abundant.



21 11. 2011

Cloud only performs drag & drop to Cloud icon in the menubar and is cloud File Sharing application for Mac which I can store on a cloud server.



21 10. 2011

I am connected to the net by installing Pogoplug and am the considerable convenience application that was not possible so far that I can use one’s PC for as cloud file server.



19 10. 2011

iCloud is something like service of the apple not application. The cloud service that can connect Mac which carried iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Lion put iOS5 on seamlessly.



02 10. 2011

Client application of Evernote which is high-performance document management service. I can use it from iPhone, smartphones such as Android and various OS’s and am very convenient.



04 09. 2011

Dropbox is client application to use online storage service. I download it and an icon is displayed by Finder if I do signup and, after installation, can totally use it for things of a local drive。


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