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About Mac × Apps

I place information to relate to by application of Mac. I do not inspect safety about application information placing in our site. When I use it, I would like the self-responsibility.
In addition, the price that I placed may fluctuate because it is to the price of the publication day about the price of shareware to introduce in our site. It, please be understood.

Immunity from responsibility

For any obstacle that occurred because of the contents that I introduced in our site, our site does not take responsibility. Approve.

Recommended movement environment

The following environment is necessary to have you use our site comfortably.
The following browser that a JavaScript, a style sheet, a raster display become effective

OS:Windows XP、Vista、8

Safari 3 以降
Google Chrome 9 After that


Safari 3 After that
Google Chrome 9 After that
Mozilla Firefox 3 After that
Opera 9 After that

Environment of the manager

MacBookPro Core i7(Intel SSD80GB+HDD500GB)
Apple LED Cinema Display (27Inch)
iPhone4S 16GB
iPad2 16GB
Apple TV

Desktop audio system
Integrated amplifier:ONKYO A-5VL
Speaker:B&W CM1
DAC:Icon uDAC2

Profile of the manager

Tokyo residence raised in Tokyo born in 1977, work are web relations
Steering wheel name, Ragu

Favorite thing
・Of the electricity go
・It’s early stuff

The thing which I do not like
・Fish dishes
・Kanji(Level Primary schoolchild)

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