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New album of Bjork can download the high-resolution of “Vulnicura”!

13 02. 2015

It’s a renewal quite after a long time and is slightly taut, but please take care.
It was expected to carry a high quality sound application this time, the high-resolution by which Bjork’s new album is “Vulnicura” (24-bit/96kHz), during “of B&W, official site” choice usual or, it became possible to download it, so the application introduction is changed, and it’s carried.


Simple PC audio to build the DAC and powered speakers

23 07. 2013

To be allowed to purchase anything even if intend to begin a PC audio system, or not to know think to place a recommended method when, anyway, is cheap, and want to build it.


PC audio construction completion by changing cable

18 07. 2013

I introduce a speaker, an amplifier, DDC, DAC and place an article of the left cable system last.
By the way, it is a pro and con on a net about the cable system and would like the skip because I do not know I confidence whether an edge is good! !


Introduction Essensio

10 07. 2013

I considered what kind of DAC you introduced in various ways since I introduced hiFace Professional, but what looked for that there was the DAC which was correct for the sound that oneself readily demanded considerably had a hard time.


hiFace Professional introduction

07 07. 2013

I think only of an audio system, and update becomes dull recently. Let’s put it into an action than we think! I introduced DDC which turned into Icon-uDAC2 before being, and purchasing DAC in a thing in the beginning to ask, hiFace Professional.


Bubble Harp

27 06. 2013

Bubble Harpは何かが便利になるとかそういうアプリではなくて、音楽と映像で心を豊かにしたり癒してくれそうなそんな一風変わったサウンド・アートアプリです。


Dashboard KickStart

18 06. 2013

Dashboard KickStart is application making lateness of the start of the beginning that is the weak point of the we jet quick.



16 06. 2013

ByteController is a controller of iTunes that, anyway, is compact of the type to be resident in menubar.



10 06. 2013

It is the application that iStumbler displays the detailed information of Wifi network and the device for Bluetooth with a list, and supports connection.



05 06. 2013

iRip is the application that can transfer data from iPod and iPhone which an origin of development same as famous “Ripit” sells in Ripping application to Mac.



30 05. 2013

When I uninstall application, AppTrap is the application that I find out a file in conjunction with the application automatically, and supports uninstallation.


Mighty Monitor

28 05. 2013

Mighty Monitor is we jet displaying a residual quantity of the battery of the device made in Apple connected to in Bluetooth.



27 05. 2013

The cooperation with the joint ownership service that is major, besides, simply even if movement is light, and Lyn takes how to use is possible “image viewer” application.


PC audio update

20 05. 2013

Because I was not able to understand the sound of the amplifier without one year passing after building a PC audio system, I updated a pre-main amp.



15 05. 2013




14 05. 2013

“Jpegger” is the super simple application that converts the picture file of the PNG form into JPG form by simple operation of the drag & drop.


Sleep No More

08 05. 2013

Sleep No Moreはメニューバーに常駐し、設定した時間内はMacをスリープモードにさせないようにすることができるアプリです。


McIntosh AP1 Audio Player

07 05. 2013

McIntosh AP1 Audio Player is a music player for iPhone of McIntosh where none of the audio system enthusiasts longs for, iOS including iPad.



30 04. 2013

Pngyu is “ImageAlpha” and TinyPNG which are famous for PNG file compression engine, but is collective compression application using used pngquant.



24 04. 2013

When I make Mac a sleep mode, Jettison is application picking up an external drive automatically.



23 04. 2013

There are too many icons of the menubar in AccessMenuBarApps and is application displaying the icon which has hidden by an interesting method.



18 04. 2013

It is the application that I can preview HyperSwitch to contents as well as an icon of the application at the time of an application change in “⌘+Tab” and do.


How to use MakeMKV

16 04. 2013

MakeMKV is the very excellent application that is possible to Ripping of the Blu-ray as well as Ripping of the DVD.


I tried to install aTVFlash jailbroken with (jailbreak) the AppleTV!

11 04. 2013

I think that the jailbreak (jailbreak) of the AppleTV is carried out, and I will publish awfully since it was convenient if aTVFlash installation is carried out.



10 04. 2013

Sorry, this entry is only available in 日本語.


09 04. 2013

CloudPull is the application that it is local, and backs up the data of service using in Goolge account by simple operation


The license key of macx-dvd-ripper-pro public in for free!

05 04. 2013

High-performance DVD ripping application developing is free Digiarty Software Inc from April 5 to April 14, and license cord distribution is.


How to use MacTheRipper

04 04. 2013

MacTheRipper introduced the application before, but thinks to place it about detailed how to use this time.



02 04. 2013

HiddenMe is the application that can cover an interspersed icon to a desktop from menubar.



28 03. 2013

Timi is a countdown timer and application with the stopwatch function that are resident in menubar.


Audirvana Plus

27 03. 2013

Audirvana Plus is application of the shareware versions which it functions, and improved of “Audirvana” which I introduced before.



26 03. 2013

It is the launcher system application which Dropzone starts application from menubar and the side of the desktop, and can set an action.



25 03. 2013

Originally I restore the music data of iPod that was pay (now a freeware) for iTunes, and xPort is the application that I can back up.


PNG files in bulk compression and ImageOptim ImageAlpha!

22 03. 2013

The last article introduced “PNG Compressor“, but after examining that compressibility of PNG seemed to be high most any, and watching it because compressibility was lower than other application, “was ImageAlpha” in my environment.


PNG Compressor

20 03. 2013

PNG Compressor is an app that will make it possible to drag-and-drop ease compression in the PNG file.



18 03. 2013

SoundSource is application making it possible to easily change the audio system output of Mac from menubar.



13 03. 2013

“DropLink” is the convenient application that any place can set a synchronization folder of basic “DropBox” of the online storage service.



12 03. 2013

Avdapter is an animation, a sound, various forms of the picture file and conversion application corresponding to, anyway, many devices.


Point N See

11 03. 2013

It is the application that Point N See enlarges any place that guessed mouse cursor right with the other window in the Desktop and can display.


App so let me be up shop in the work efficiency of the Web

07 03. 2013

I say an introduction of the application this time or think to place the application that seems to improve work efficiency of a Web person.


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